#JHMF Saturday Selection 9/10/16


Ladies and gentlemen, the best time of year is officially here this weekend. The NFL kicked off on Thursday night with a pretty damn good season opener and a full slate of games are ahead of us on Sunday. I wasn’t able to do as many posts as I wanted to this week because of an apartment issue and I had a couple of premieres that I wanted to let breathe from Ant P and Acapella, respectively. There were still some amazing songs released and I’ll share my favorites with you below.

While Kentucky football looks like it’s about to stink again this year, Devine Carama is going to make up for it with his upcoming Kingtucky album. He proves his lyrical background with “God Said I’m The Nicest” this week. We also saw the double video release of Uncle TreY’s “Mojo/Just A Summer Love” and both songs are still as good as the first time I heard them over the summer.  Of course I loved the records from both Ant P and Acapella for different reasons, Ant’s being the grittiness and Acapella’s being the stroll down memory lane of music. They weren’t the only Detroit artists to make this week’s playlist though as Jahshua Smith and Mic Write took us out on the town with “Grey Goose Quesadilla’s”. Stream the playlist below and look for more new posts this week as well as a new review finally!


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