ALBUM | “Stadluft Macht Frei” @JakeKostPDX


I’ve always loved foreign languages. The English language is boring to me and I’m always intrigued when I hear conversations in different languages. My girlfriend was born in Puerto Rico and Spanish is her first language so I’ll always be able to hear her speak in Spanish. I’ll have her teach me one day that way her and I can clown people in public in a foreign tongue. Stadtluft Macht Frei is German and means “the city air makes you free” according to Jake Kost and his latest album.

The production and vibe on this album from Kost is beautiful. He has a laid back style that’s easy to follow. In a music climate that is full of trap beats and auto-tune, it’s refreshing to hear a project that derives from the roots of hip-hop while still making current sounding music. Features include El Ay, Michael Zoah, and Denzel Ryley and you can check it out for your ears below.



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