ALBUM | “Players Paradise” @KrisTru803


It’s rare for an artist to keep a consistent arc of quality music. We live in an era where an artist will drop a song and move on to the next one with no regards. I always preach quality over quantity but if the quality is that good with each release, I have no issues with it. That’s why I rock with South Carolina’s Kris Tru. This is Tru’s third project release in the last year and he’s starting to breakthrough to some new ears with each release.

While Southan Comfort was filled with songs that felt like all of our favorite southern rappers rolled into one, Players Paradise is a more smooth approach. Of course the southern elements are there but when you think of a player, you think of someone who’s smooth and well respected by his community. Features come from Don Meta, Fran$hize, Zephyr, Don Gold, and Chief Mellow for this 12 track project. Stream below, purchase on iTunes if you’re digging it.



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