VIDEO | “Crazy” @DamarJackson


We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve chased after someone who wasn’t good for us. They drive you insane thinking about them and majority of the time they end up stringing you along. They have a power over you and it makes you feel like you’re crazy. Don’t worry, we’ve all been in that position before so don’t feel bad if it’s happened to you. Young love will make you do stupid things like that. Damar Jackson is in too deep with this young lady in the video for his new “Crazy” single.

Damar explains the meaning behind it better than I can so I’ll let him say it:

 “We got to a point where she saw the success coming,” he explains, “but even though I thought we had been preparing for the late nights and work trips, it started driving her crazy.”
The video takes a more eerie approach and with Halloween around the corner, it’ll make sense as to what happens in the end of the video. Watch his WSHH premiered video below.

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