VIDEO | “Snooze Button 4: Scenes 1 & 2” @ArmondWakeUp


It’s a shame to see an artist put out a single or project and then move on to the next one. No real marketing campaign, no push behind it. There are so many artists that think they’ll just drop a song and some magic Soundcloud fairy is going to turn them into a success overnight. Wrong. So wrong. All of the wrong. In this day you have to have a creative and captivating marketing campaign or your music is going to fall on deaf ears. I like what Armond WakeUp is doing for his Snooze Button 4 project as he’s releasing a new acapella verse from some songs that will be on the project.

So far there are two entries in this series with more to come. The first sees Armond rhyming his “King Booker” verse in front of an abandoned building while the second clip has him in the alley spitting a verse that was inspired by a road trip for nine hours to New York City in support of Christon Gray’s and Swoope’s “Northern Lights Tour” in 2014. Both are excellent verses and you can feel them more so with him doing them acapella. They’re about 90 seconds each so check them both out below.



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