AUDIO | “Sleaux It Down” @TheThomasCRWN @CardoGotWings


Getting to hear an artist evolve over the course of a few years is such a fun experience. One of the main reasons why I love working on this site is that I get to build relationships and see this happen with artists who are just starting out a lot of the time. Thomas CRWN hadn’t been doing music very long when I first heard his stuff but to see his sound elevate since 2010 to now is awesome. He hooks up with CardoGotWings for his new “Sleaux It Down” single today.

CRWN is smooth and player like on his first single release in quite a while. “Sleaux It Down” sounds like a mix of new Cardo production mixed with what we’ve come to know him for with his stuff for Wiz Khalifa back in the day. CRWN stunts, flosses, and claims that he “invented the wave” as he states on the last verse. There’s a swagger on this one that we have yet to hear from CRWN and he sounds more confident than ever with his sound. I would too if I had production from one of the top producers in hip-hop right now.


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