#JHMF Saturday Selection 9/17/16


Music this week has been amazing. My doppleganger Mac Miller dropped a stellar project with The Divine Feminine yesterday and Jahshua Smith also released his anticipated The 4th Wall album too. Those two albums were the only music I listened to yesterday. Mac’s album is smooth and Smith’s album brings a lyrical and fun aspect. Look for a review for the latter soon (I promise I’m dropping a new review this week too). Let’s get to my favorites from the site.

This week’s playlist features some hard hitting bars from MeRCY and Bishop as they give us a thriller movie sounding record on “Bermuda Triangle”. Chad Michael returns with K.A.A.N. for a song that will make you think about your legacy in life on “Make Me Legend” while Kris Tru ponders “Paradise” from his Players Paradise project. Finally Thomas CRWN makes his return with the CardoGotWings produced “Sleaux It Down” and gives us some weekend vibes to hit the party. There’s one song that won’t be on the playlist but I’m including the video for it because I think it’s a fantastic and creative video, and that’s from Derek Minor on “You Know It”. The song will have you in a good mood but it’s the video that makes the experience even more enjoyable. If you’re an indie artist reading this, don’t forget to check out my Indie Artist Advice on Periscope. The latest one was last night where I talked about the frequency of releasing music.




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