AUDIO | “Everything” @thehomiealexaff @Achilles_Hill


If you never dreamed or had goals you would be a sad person in life. Dreams and hopes are there to keep you going when you’ve had enough. Dreams keep you going when you’ve put in a long day at work and are tired of working for someone else. It’s nice to think about a life where you don’t have to clock in and clock out for someone you don’t like making richer. Alex Aff and K-Hill are dreamers and they’re coming for “Everything” today.

In traditional fashion, Alex produced the record and he does a little bit of auto-tune singing at the end of it too. This is a song that is full of hope and ambition. He sounds more mature and more hungry on this song; I’m not sure if it’s the subject matter or if he’s gotten that much better between singles. K-Hill adds a nice verse to the end of the song  as the two are ready to make their music dream happen. Aff’s Phases project drops soon.


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