#JHMF PREMIERE: VIDEO | “Scavenger” @HumanIII


I’m always grateful when an artist hits me up and wants to premiere a song or project on my site. If it weren’t for the artists I wouldn’t have a site so it’s such a great feeling to have people that respect what I do. In return I try to show my respect for their art and give you the feeling I get from hearing their music. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of premiering a lot of music from Detroit artists and the midwest theme continues with this new video from Indianapolis’ HUMAN today.

“Scavenger” sees HUMAN taking the literal meaning of his song and applying it to the video. We see him and some friends, including fellow Indy artist EJAAZ, out in the woods wandering around and searching for answers. The aggressive record from the Naptown native is one of the better songs from his GRIND x PRAY project that was premiered on the site last month. “Scavenger” is a metaphor that HUMAN uses for wanting it all. He’s ready to go in for the kill and he’s willing to do it any way, any how. It’s gritty, it’s in your face, and it’s a dope record that you get to watch exclusively on JHMF.


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