AUDIO | “Darkskin” @Jayd_Ink


Growing up white, you’re never told that you’re a good looking kid based on your skin color. I’ve been told I was “pretty good for a white kid” on the basketball court but that’s nothing compared to being told you look good for being a certain shade. Toronto’s Jayd Ink has been told this growing up in Toronto and she has no clue what that’s supposed to mean. She tackles this topic on her new “Darkskin” single today.

“Darkskin” is produced by kAui and has a hip-hop/R&B style to it. Ink gives us three verses of her life, detailing moves in her life and what it’s like to be told “you’re pretty…for a dark skin girl”. The chorus is pleasant as she sings and harmonizes but it’s the detail in the verses that will make you love this song. As someone who’s never been discriminated against for their skin color, it makes me sad to hear someone having to go through this heartbreak because of something they can’t control. I hope this record opens some eyes and does some good for some people. If not, I hope at least one person can relate to this record and find some peace.


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