VIDEO | “Broken” @MCBravado


I think a part of being human is complaining about things. There are days where my complaints are big, like having apartment issues for the last couple of months, and then there are days where my complaints are stupid. We’ve all done it; complained about the wi-fi being down, traffic, rain, parking spots. We don’t realize how small these things are until we see someone going through something bigger than our issue. Warwick, NY’s James Salvato speaks on it and more in his new “Broken” single featuring MC Bravado.

The video for this single is great as it shows crossing paths between a kid and James at a pottery store. Eventually we see what the two are going through, the child dropping his purchase and James at a cemetery. No matter how hard you have it, there’s someone out there that has it harder than you. Bravado adds his own spin on this subject with a scene stealing verse while making an appearance in the video. Be grateful for what you have and the people you have in your life because one day that traffic jam you’re complaining about isn’t going to matter. Salvato is currently working on his debut EP so expect that soon.


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