VIDEO | “Love Life/The Walker” @Pavyworld


I always talk about records being released in season and fitting a certain type of sound. When it’s warm people want to hear uptempo and fun records. Once fall hits, they want to hear some slower stuff. Working in radio and with record companies the last few years taught me that you never release a slow song in the summer if you want it to pop. With Fall arriving this week, it’s perfect for Chicago’s Pavy to drop his latest records “Love Life” and “The Walker” as one joint video.

“Love Life” is a song that feels like cruising with the top down while grabbing your lady’s thigh and rubbing on it while you’re heading home. Pavy spits fast on this one to keep up with the beat as he raps about love and being in it but only for a short period of time. On the other hand “The Walker” sounds like fall; it’s slowed down and Pavy slows his flow to a drawl as he talks about one of my favorite things to do when I’ve had a rough day at work. These two tracks are diverse and it shows a hint of what we should expect from Pavy on his upcoming project dropping in October.


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