AUDIO | “Brutality (RDFND Mix)” @K1ngEljay @MelvinBurch_ @theonlyDGut


I’m failing life as a Mortal Kombat fan. I still haven’t played the most recent installment to one of the best fighting video games of all time. I had MK as a kid on Sega Genesis and loved running home to play it at the age of seven. Over the years I would play the arcade versions of the game but never the console ones until the PS3 release of what we refer to as MK9. If you love MK then you’re going to love this remix to K1NG ELJAY’s “Brutality” record with D-Gut and Melvin Burch.

As the title says, this one is brutal. D-Gut leads off with a mix of MK character name drops in his verse while he delivers an uppercut to The Pit with his aggressive nature. Gut is followed up by Burch who increases the intensity and ads some fun to his verse with a soundbite of the “Why You Always Lyin'” guy. Finally, ELJAY comes in and does Liu Kang’s bicycle kick, delivering a blow so hard that it would rip your head off in the game. ELJAY is dropping his CLVRFLD: Director’s Cut project next Friday so listen below and look for this to appear on it.



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