VIDEO | “Hate Me Now” @TheRealOSparks @RadioSyheem


When I first got into hip-hop it was such a great era. Roc-A-Fella was taking off and instantly one of my favorite labels. They were like the ’96 Bulls when it came to talent to me at that age. Jay was on fire, Cam’ron was killing it, Juelz Santana was supposed to have next, Beanie Sigel was dope, and Freeway was underrated. Those are just the notable names on the Roc too, not to mention Memphis Bleek. Then you had State Property who were all dope in their own right. To be honest I haven’t heard anything from SP in a long time until I saw Radio Syheem say he was directing the new video for Omillio Sparks’ new mixtape release. Well, here we are.

Sparks kicks off his Bad Guy 3 project with a reinterpretation of Nas’ “Hate Me Now” and that’s what this video is for today. Sparks shows off his bad guy persona as he throws a guy in a van as soon as the video kicks off. The video shows Sparks rhyming the song in the van as they blindfold and tie up the guy before leading him to his doom, showing that you should never cross Sparks when it comes to your word.


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