AUDIO | “Class Is In Session” @ItsClizzy


Raise your hand if you thought that you had to go to college after high school. Ok, now raise your hand if you’re still in debt because of that but could have gone in your career path without even going to college. I loved my college experience but me now is hating me from 10 years ago from how much debt I’m in because of it. I can’t wait until someone who’s going to owe quadruple my student loan debt makes a time machine so I can go back in time and fight 18 year old me. “Class Is In Session” with Cliz and he speaks on the college experience with his latest record.

Education is important but it’s also something that you should put your future self in debt because you think it’s the only thing you can do. If you’re a young person reading this, please explore your field and if you absolutely need college to go into it. If not, educate yourself by other means. Maran does the sinister production, which sounds alternative at times, for Cliz to tell us his message of post-secondary education. Many people are pressured into attending college because of family values. Cliz battles with pursuing his dream or going to school throughout this record. Stream/purchase to hear his story.


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