VIDEO | “Tell U” @KeyzDaDon


Your childhood is something you’ll frequently think back to in your life. I had a pretty good one but there are still things I think back to and wonder why they happened that way. I was lucky though because even though my parents divorced at a young age they still made sure I knew that I was loved and my brother too. Some people don’t have that luxury and it sounds like current LA resident Keyzus didn’t growing up. He tells us a dark and gritty story on his new “Tell U” single.

This track is unorthodox as there are moments where Keyz sounds like he’s off beat due to the drum pattern. Keyz is new to the site so if you’ve never heard his music before this single is the perfect introduction to who he is and what he’s dealt with in his life. The chorus is heartbreaking as Keyz rhymes, “Can I tell you bout the love/love I never had/tell you bout the fights that I had with my dad”. No one should grow up feeling that way and it’s evident he’s used his past as motivation in his music. His Ankheart project is out now and you can watch the video below.


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