MIXTAPE | “Snooze Button 4” @ArmondWakeUp


It’s not every now and then that an artists promo campaign catches me by surprise. When he was getting ready to release this album, Armond WakeUp released a couple of acapella videos that were potent lyrically and showcased his community. With the focus on melody and production now, it’s rare that an artist prides his lyrical content and puts that above all else. That struck me and I was ready to hear more from WakeUp. We get to do that today with his newly released Snooze Button 4 project.

Not one to shy away from thanking his creator, Armond drops lyrics praising God while keeping with the “they’re sleeping on me” theme of the project. He enlists the help of Taelor Gray, KamBINO, Jered Sanders, J. Kwest, Jonathan Baker, Priest, and Bink while maneuvering through original production and some classic beats (“3 Kings”, “Boom”, “Aquemini”, etc). He’s hungry and ready for what’s coming to him thanks to his music. Check him out or you can keep sleeping while he becomes a rising name in the music industry.


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