VIDEO | “The Opposition” @tiayesmore @IAmSu @HBKCJ


The internet has made it nearly impossible for one person to have a sound and keep it solely to themselves. The minute an artist gets hot doing something, there are clones and doppelgangers galore looking to make a come up off of what one person originally created. We live in a society where being a culture vulture is supported in almost every avenue without people knowing it. For example, take the “Detroit vs Everybody” slogan and how this fashion person said he got the idea for “Toronto vs Everybody” from it. Oakland’s Tia Nomore isn’t fond of people swerving in her lane and she’s ready to take down “The Opposition” on her new single with IAMSU and CJ.

Tia isn’t the only one taking aim at the opposition as IAMSU addresses the safety of talking to others and them taking his wave on his verse. The record, premiered by Fader, is a warning shot to those wanting to ride the wave that Tia, SU, and CJ are creating. Originality is something that doesn’t exist much today as artists copy other artists and even blogs are doing it too. Be original in what you do, you’re not going to get rich riding someone else’s hard work. You can hear more of Tia’s work on her debut Holloween project via iTunes.


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