AUDIO | “TrapJit” @SkitsZoe


Here at JHMF I try not to discriminate when it comes to the style of hip-hop I post. Sometimes you’ll see a few posts about lyrical hip-hop that makes you think. Then there are days where I just want to dumb out and sometimes that’s all that’s posted for the day. There’s something on here for any fan of indie hip-hop so I hope you take the time to search the site from time to time. South Carolina artist SkitsZoe covers the trap side of things for me today with his new “TrapJit” single.

Formerly going by Freddie Gz, Skits takes this trap beat produced by The Architetechz and does the sing-song flow as he lets us know what he’s familiar with. The auto-tune is a nice touch as that and the beat mixed with the lyrics embody everything that has become a trap record in 2016. This serves as the first release from SkitsZoe’s upcoming TrapJit: The Reup project that will be released later this year. Take a listen and see if you’re ready for him.


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