This week I decided that I needed to take a break from social media. This sounds like an oxymoron because I run social for a company during the day but there’s just so much negativity online that it can drive you mad. I’ve been on here and there but not like I have been in the past and it’s been eye opening as to how much positive energy I’ve felt. I tell you this because¬†Acapella is also sick of social media. These are his opening bars to the latest JHMF Premiere, “Sick”.

The Detroit native and current Los Angeles resident produced this mellow new release and he lets all of his frustrations go. Acapella addresses everything from the social media topic and being tired of seeing dumb thoughts and IG models posted to being sick of not being able to make ends meet. He throws in some bars about white people being sick of black problems and the social issues that come with hip-hop being used to profit for white people. This is his most honest record to date. It’s good to vent and get this stuff out of your system from time to time and that’s what “Sick” does for Acapella.


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