ALBUM | “CLVRFLD: Director’s Cut” @K1NGELJAY


Artists don’t strive to tell stories on their records anymore. It takes someone like a Kendrick or a bigger name to spark creativity for so many artists. We live in a “follow the leader” type of music society now and it’s sad because the artists that are creative get overlooked. My good friend K1NG ELJAY has been focusing more on his music and crafting something that will last a long time. He’s released a couple of CLVRFLD projects in the last 18 months but took it upon himself to get better with his content and production. This is where we get CLVRFLD: Director’s Cut.

ELJAY has always been one to flip popular samples and that doesn’t change on this project. His bars are hitting hard on this one and his beats are shining a little more as well. Tracks like “L-Boogie’s Lament” see him flipping a popular Fugees record while “Brutality [RDFND Mix]” see him taking Mortal Kombat sounds and music to step way outside of the box with featured artists D-GutMelvin Burch. This is a self-aware journey through the mind of ELJAY and where he’s been the past year mentally. It’s free if you want to download but if you dig the quality you should pay for it.


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