VIDEO | “Bad Ride” @WillAndTheLife


When I tell you I love 80’s music, I really mean that. I love when artists get influenced by other eras and genres of music as well. It’s amazing to see what someone can pull from by listening to music that’s as old if not older than us. Orlando’s Will + The Life released his Endless Ride project this spring and it sounded like the 80’s had made love to some funky sounds. Will has now given us a video for the lead single from the project, “Bad Ride” and it matches the tone of the project.

The song is a mix of keys and eclectic drums as Will talks about a relationship that’s near the end of its run. The video sees Will going crazy at times and also following his lady at other times. Will thinks his girl can change, citing “I know you want to be good” several times near the end of the song. The end of the video gives us a different view and it’s evident he’s been talking to himself the whole time. He’ll be releasing a new project titled Velvet Noir on October 28th so get to know him right now.


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