AUDIO | “Angel Dust” @FastLifeATLANYC @MetroBoomin


The worst thing you can do is mess with someone’s money, time, or family. There aren’t many other things that you can do and have someone react in either a violent or emotional way. Atlanta’s Fa$t Life is not going to tolerate someone messing with any of those things and shares that with us on the Metro Boomin’ produced “Angel Dust”.

Metro’s keys and 808’s sound haunting just in time for Halloween season. Fa$t Life lays the ground work, letting you know that bullets will fly “where your momma stay” and “where your kids be sleepin” if there’s anyone messing with his life and money. This track is short, sweet, and to the point. You’ll hear more from this duo very shortly so it’s not the last time you’ll hear Fa$t Life with the “Metro Boomin’ Want Some Mooooorreeee” tag.


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