AUDIO | “Pushin Dope” @RawWithRod @BryZone_YBP @Audible_Hustle


When someone says they’re “pushing dope” it can literally mean they’re moving drugs or it can be a metaphor about their music. For this instance, we’re focusing on the latter with Atlanta’s Rod McCoy. The newcomer to JHMF is ready for his fans to tap their veins and shoot up his new one with “Pushin’ Dope”, produced by Bryzone_YBP.

“Pushin’ Dope” is a smooth record that showcases Rod’s hunger. He wants success to happen for him through his music and he’s showing us how hard he’s working at it. The drug references to lyrical content are abundant as Rod mentions “I’m synonymous with cocaine!” before the end of his first verse. He’s focused and not worried about his competitors, making it evident on this new single. Expect a project from him at the beginning of 2017 and check him out below. Don’t blame me if you get hooked, I’m just the supplier of the audio dope.


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