AUDIO | “The Plug” @Bambino_Banks


The cat and mouse game that Walt and Gus played throughout Breaking Bad is one of the best you’ll see on screen. Walt needed a supplier and Gus was there to act as the plug, a man that you would never suspect of being involved in the drug game. It’s always the ones who are the most quiet that you don’t suspect. Your life can change, for better or worse, upon meeting a great plug no matter what field you’re in. South Carolina’s Bambino Banks tells us more about it on his new “The Plug” record.

Banks talks about the pros and cons of hustling and meeting the plug. Many people see the money and start thinking of all the ways their life is going to change but there are downsides to it as well, including not being approved by family as he mentions on this song. Produced by Will Hansford, this is a trap track to the fullest extent of the sub-genre of hip-hop. Expect more tracks like this on Banks’ upcoming Tread Lightly project dropping at the end of the year.


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