#JHMF PREMIRE: AUDIO | “Detroit, You Are Beautiful” @AcapellaTNFAC


Dreams are amazing. What a dream can do to you, what it can turn you into, it’s a great thing. I come from a hometown where there isn’t much ambition and to get out of there is a blessing. T.I. said it best, “some move away to make a way/not move away cause they afraid”. Today we get new music from Acapella that is dedicated to his hometown of Detroit with “Detroit, You Are Beautiful”.

The self-produced record features a dark vibe with it’s strings and synths as Acapella tells us about moving from Detroit to LA. Throughout the song he tells us about growing up in the Motor City and wanting to provide a better life for his wife and child. “I’ve been dreaming about this my whole life” he sings towards the end of the track as he says goodbye to his hometown and hello to living on the west coast. One more noteworthy thing to mention: Acapella will be dropping a new EP on October 31st titled Sellin’ My Soul. The artwork for that is below as is this week’s song stream.



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