VIDEO | “Who I Am” @IAmAkevius


As you can see from the photo used in the post, this song is going to address some real issues. The police brutality and killing of blacks is at an all-time high and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. It’s nice to hear artists put their emotions into music and address situations like this, just like Charlotte’s Akevius has done on “Who I Am”.

Akevius is signed to Polow Da Don’s label and has even experienced tragedy in this fashion himself. His brother was fatally killed by Myrtle Beach police so his message is heartfelt. He had this to say about the record:

“This is a real record, man. I put my heart and soul in and I got a message for you guys out there, for us young black men. Stay out the way. Be cooperative. Do not resist.”

While your opinion may differ from Akevius’, he’s doing what he can to make sure nothing happens to anyone else like what happened with his brother. Watch his heartfelt video and listen to his lyrics below.


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