VIDEO | “Calling Me” @DamarJackson


R&B music used to be about being faithful and being in love before I was born. Slowly it has transformed into the opposite where ballads of cheating and keeping things on the down low have been celebrated. While it’s a grimey thing to do, some artists make it sound amazing vocally. For example, Ty Dolla $ign sings about infidelity on about 75% of his records but his voice is a combination of Fergie & Jesus so it balances out. Today Damar Jackson goes down that path with his new video for “Calling Me”, a song about his side chick calling him instead of the other way around.

Guitars and drums embody the production of this record as it’s a smooth and slow song. Jackson’s voice fits nicely with the tempo and he seems stressed as he sings the chorus. He knows he’s not supposed to be doing this but in the end pleasure overcomes his guilt and he can’t help but have both women. This turns out bad as he comes home with his girlfriend at the end to a surprise from his side girl. The Louisiana born singer has talent and this record is proof of it. Check him and the video out below to hear it for yourself.


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