VIDEO | “Extra” @blackzeusx


Saying that you support a cause or person is one thing but actually doing it and showing your appreciation? That’s a whole different story. I try to practice what I preach when I can and purchase the music or merchandise from some of the artists that get posted on this site. While I can’t do it for everyone, I try to when I have some spare cash and I know they appreciate it. New York’s Crimdella has a whole song about acting on your support for causes with this MNDCFT produced “Extra” video.

Crim calls his music “trap-power” as he has a message to go with the thumping bass that invades your ears. His flow is remarkable while he’s able to go between punchlines in his lyrics to more serious content throughout this record. “I took black struggle and trap and infused that” he rhymes on the first verse as the video takes us on a journey through New York. “Extra extra don’t read about it/don’t talk about it/just be about it” the hook states and those are some words that need to be heard by people saying they “support” causes and their friends. Crimdella’s Bury Me In Gold Vol. 1 is available online right now and you can watch the video below.


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