AUDIO | “O.G.K.” @MicCapes_Music @itsTOPE


Four years is a long time to do something and focus on one thing. In just four years I made it from my hometown of Terre Haute, IN to Orlando, FL with a two year stop in Augusta, GA. Things change all the time but the perseverance of someone working on a project for this long is remarkable. Portland’s Mic Capes has been spending the last four years perfecting his new album and is ready for you to hear it. Concrete Dreams is a journey into social topics that need to be addressed including police brutality, domestic violence, and others.

Throughout the album you’ll be able to hear the hard work that he put into this project over the last few years. In an age where many artists don’t speak up about their community or social issues, this is full of lyrics talking about them on every track. This is an album that will open your eyes if you open your ears and take a listen to it. To get a sample of it, you can check out the TOPE produced “O.G.K.” that recaps a troubling time in Capes’ life. Stream that below and purchase Concrete Dreams on iTunes here.


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