AUDIO | “Signs & Wonders” @LegionOf_Honor @WonderRhymer @Lito_TheGawd


Before the site underwent a brand and style change, I used to mess with some music from New Orleans. Now I’m a Curren$y fan but their indie scene had been growing when I started blogging and writing. Thanks to Twitter I came across this duo known as Wonder Rhymer, composed of two dope lyricists in Dory Dozak and Carlito Wonder. They released an album a few years back that was solid but not long after that the music sort of disappeared. Life gets in the way, as I’m one to understand, so sometimes that happens and stalls things. Today that changes as the duo are back with some new music titled “Signs & Wonders”.

The Wonder Rhymer duo team up with The Legendary Jay Smith to form The Legion Of Honor and give us a heartfelt record. The production is mellow while the three artists tell us unique stories of life and the struggles they and their families have faced. Dozak, Wonder, and Smith are ready to make it happen for their family to succeed with this one. If you dig this one hopefully it won’t be the last new music you hear from them for a while because they’re great.


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