AUDIO | “Corey Album Coming” @CoreyLee610 @KilConfirmed


When you’re an indie artist it can be tough to build your buzz and get people interested. Support comes in weird forms as there are people I’ve known who have strangers who support their craft more than their family and friends. Once you have that buzz though? Things get easier and you start getting noticed a little more. Philadelphia’s Corey Lee celebrated his 27th birthday yesterday with the release of his new catchy single “Corey Album Coming” produced by Kil Confirmed.

As Nas did on Khaled’s album this summer, Corey names the song in anticipation of his album dropping soon. He mixes flows like he has on his previous releases while dropping lyrical punchlines that reflect sports, food, and being overlooked by XXL (“my press coverage more tight than Marcus Peters”). With a style like this and a growing fan base, it’s easy to see why Corey Lee is a hot name in the Philadelphia music scene. No word on an album title but you can expect to hear it early 2017.


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