AUDIO | “Future” @OfficialGees @CanisMajor_


How many artists have come out in the last decade and said that they were the future of hip-hop? I lost count after about 2007 because it’s something every artist has said at some point. Artists have come and gone over the years, some of them becoming the future of music (like, say, Future) while others have fizzled out. What makes you as an artist stand out and makes the masses want to adore you and your music? This is something to ponder while taking a listen to Gee$‘ new “Future” single.

Produced by Canis Major this one has Gee$ claiming to be the future of the music industry. He’s hungry as he shows he’s ready to hang with the upcoming artists of his generation and tells a story with a smooth flow. Major’s laid back production sounds like it’s tailored just for Gee$ to give us his story, even mentioning that, “I was 12 and rolled an L while I lied on the Bible”.  The Virginia Beach representer has confidence with this one and he’s ready for what’s next in his career.


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