VIDEO | “Crazy” @JayVerze @SkinnyMooxe @AddyPlayFilms


You never think the things you see on TV or the news will happen in your area. Ever since I was old enough to know what a tragedy was, I always remember thinking “that won’t happen here”. That was until I moved to Orlando and the Pulse Nightclub Shooting happened six weeks later. While it didn’t affect me personally, to be in the city during that time was scary yet humbling. I say humbling because the community pulled together to help those who were affected get through it. Scenarios like this happen so often now that it’s hard to keep track of it but we all remember what happened in Baltimore after Freddie Gray was killed and then after the officers were acquitted of his murder.

Baltimore artist Jay Verze released his “Crazy” record at the end of 2015 while many were still finding out about the Gray trial and what was going on. While the city rioted over the summer, Verze’s video is the anti-thesis of the chaos: there’s barely anyone in sight let alone a moving car. Verze delivers his track in a humble manner in the city that he loves and addresses everything that has happened over the last 18 months. Directed by Addy Play and produced by Skinny MooxeZo Beats, you can watch his latest video below.


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