AUDIO | “Ride” @KrisTru803


Southern music is the best music and if you disagree then you can leave. I’m just kidding about leaving, you can stay and have your opinion. I encourage it. For me though, southern music is incredible. There’s something about the 808’s and rapid hi-hats that attract me to trap music. There’s something about putting a song on that’s slow and meant for late night driving that gets me. Never one to slow his work ethic down, South Carolina’s Kris Tru returns with new music just weeks after the release of his Players Paradise album with “Ride”.

For this one you’re going to want to give it the whip test as sitting and being stationary doesn’t do it justice. Think of all of your favorite songs to ride to: the stuff from Houston, some Atlanta stuff, and even some chopped & screwed stuff. That’s what Tru embodies on “Ride” with its synths and futuristic sounds. Yes, this means he has a new project in the works with his upcoming 97 IC Champ album slated for an early 2017 release.


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