VIDEO | “Drift” @Pavyworld @tommy_avery @ReelTPJ


It’s not often that I’m impressed with cover art for a project. The popular thing to do is slap your name and song title on a picture now and leave it at that. Where’s the originality in that though? Remember when you used to hang album art in your house? Better yet, that’s something you do only with classic projects like Reasonable Doubt, Ready To Die, Illmatic, ATLiens, and more. When I saw Chicago’s Pavy tweet this image for his upcoming Me, by Jonathan McCoy album I was stunned. I love that it’s a 3D render of him and the split between Los Angeles and Chicago on each half, respectively. His album is dropping on October 25th and he released his second single “Drift” today.

The song is produced by Tommy Avery with the video directed by TPJ. “Drift” tells a story of drinking but not in a sense of happiness. Pavy is drifting away due to his alcohol infused nights, even waking up next to a bottle of Johnnie Walker. He addresses depression and using alcohol as a coping mechanism throughout the song while the video takes us on a trippy ride through Los Angeles. With mental health becoming an issue more people are talking about, don’t feel like you have to turn to alcohol to get through something. Pavy does get the happy ending and kicks the habit (or so it seems) by the end of the video. We’ll see if he slips back to the bottle with his next single.


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