VIDEO | “I’m Magnificent (Remix)” @theproxy12


One of my favorite things as a kid was to run around on the playground and pretend I was Wolverine from “X-Men”. To this day he’s still my favorite superhero. When you’re a kid it’s fun to run around and think that you are your favorite superhero; the funny thing is kids believe they are a superhero in their head. This remix to Proxy’s “Magnificent” was inspired by Tamir Rice and his own son.

As a parent you watch every thing your kid does and thinks. You help them believe that they’re a hero or whatever they want to be. Proxy explains why he re-did the song:

Watching my son play, I remembered the feeling of being invincible as a child. What it really felt like to believe you were a superhero and your future was limitless. This new understanding of Magnificence comes in the midst of tragedy. While young black men are being villainized by so many, I wanted to remind us all of what Magnificence looks like on an 8-year-old child.

Kids are amazing beings and they can literally do anything they want to do. We need to ensure that this happens especially for black children.


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