AUDIO | “HML” @VinceScxtt


I’m too old to be going out and drinking on a Thursday night now. I’m washed and have to get up for work tomorrow. You might not have to though and that’s a score because you can drink as much as you want to. Now if you can or can’t hold your liquor is a discussion for another day. Vince Scxtt can’t hold his and he’s not ashamed to say it on his new “HML” single.

The dark and ominous record is produced by Bijan Amir as Vince opens saying, “I don’t even like flexing on n****s/but I’ma shit if I have to”. He’s humble bragging which could be the effects of the alcohol on the record. The drums bring you in as do the dark synths and keys while Vince talks about going hard and not being able to hold his liquor. I love the harmony on the hook as it rises with the beat. Pour up and have some fun with Vince as I’m sure he’s fun to party with based on this record.


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