#JHMF PREMIERE: AUDIO | “Everybody Is A Rapper” @AcapellaTNFAC


I really don’t have to write too much about this entry to the site because Acapella has done all of the work for me. The title says it all: “Everybody Is A Rapper”. Think about how many times you go on social media and have been tagged in a song on Facebook with 93 other people or spammed on Twitter with multiple handles attached. The internet has made it easier for everyone to become what they want to be, but how many people are actually good at what they’re doing especially in hip-hop?

I’ve released several tracks from Acapella over the last few weeks leading up to his Sellin’ My Soul EP that’s being released on Halloween. This is probably my favorite one so far though. It embodies how everyone feels when they see a new artist they don’t like; “ugh, everybody raps now!” I think there are pro’s and con’s to the internet making it easier for us to obtain our dreams but this isn’t about me. The Los Angeles resident creates some head nodding production for himself and proceeds to go in on the subject, adding humorous skits and adlibs throughout the track. Get enlightened below and look for some more fresh music from him next Thursday as well.


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