VIDEO | “Flex” @Leeb_Godchild


I was told that stunting is a habit and I should get like certain artists back in the day. Best believe that when I make it and am working for myself that I’m going to stunt on everyone for at least a day. Sometimes you just have to live the lavish lifestyle even if it’s for 24 hours. Leeb Godchild has other plans for people who are trying to “Flex” on him with his latest single and video.

This video is dark as it fits the mood of Leeb’s song. While he talks about, and basically snickers, at those trying to stunt there’s a storyline happening in the video. We come to see that Leeb himself is flexing and getting an absurd amount of money. How does he get it? He has his own crew of ladies who are out here putting the demand out on the hustlers. Nobody eats in the streets unless Leeb is eating and he makes it clear in the video. The Philadelphia may only have one record right now but with his tone and ability to draw people in, he’s going to be a star in the making.


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