Support Your Friends Friday


It’s Friday. Your favorite day of the week. All you have to do is coast through work one more day (don’t lie, you’ve been fake working since Wednesday at 2pm) and you’re home free for the weekend. It’s also that first check after rent so you’re probably going to go out, have some drinks, or buy something you’ve been wanting to buy but couldn’t because you had $6.78 in your account. Don’t worry, I live paycheck to paycheck as well so I’m not passing judgement.

JHMF is always going to support the indie artist. This is what the site was created on in 2010 and what I’ve been doing since starting down this career path with my college radio show in 2005. This year I started working on the PR side of things and it opened my eyes to many different revenue streams for artists. There are so many opportunities to make money that don’t come from selling your music. I decided to do something different that can help the indie artist sell some of their merchandise.

The last few Friday’s I’ve tweeted about supporting your friends and buying their music/merchandise. I myself have put my money where my mouth is and bought a couple of projects and will be purchasing one of the pieces of clothing on this list today. Support Your Friends Friday will be a weekly series I put out with links to artist merchandise that I feel you should support. Here are some you should consider buying with some spending money this week:

R.A.R.E. All We Did Was Us by See.Francis


I told See over the summer I was going to buy something from him and never did. The reason? The tank I wanted was a woman’s and wasn’t in men’s sizes. I’m purchasing one of these this weekend.


Alfred Banks


I actually own a shirt from Alfred Banks and I like it. It’s plain, simple, and to the point. He has more shirts available along with hats, flash drives, wrist bands, and buttons as well. All of it is reasonably priced so you won’t break the bank supporting him.




His music is honest and his gear is simple. New York’s TruthCity has this shirt and some album cover prints available on his website for you to purchase, each of them going for $25 a piece. I dig the Converse hanging from the C on the shirt, something you don’t see every day.




These shirts from MAJOR Cloting Co. look nice and I like the lettering on the front. Right now these are the only items you can purchase and they go for $28. If you haven’t heard of JTek, he’s an artist based out of Tuscon, AZ and he’s nice on the mic.


Maschine Life


Maschine Life Empire is a label and group of artists consisting of Rawston GeorgeA.M.I.Y.R., Drew Tyrell, Keys Da Don, John Born, and more. The group have some EP’s available along with a couple of different beanies and a baseball cap. They’re all priced reasonably so you won’t break the bank and you can get ready for fall nights and winter days by keeping your ears warm.


Dapa Don’s FOOD Series

Brooklyn’s Dapa Don has all of the merch you need to look good and consume drinks this fall. Hat’s go for $15, sweaters & hoodies go for $30, bags for $6, and cups for $5. You can order any size and it can be sent to his email at the link above.


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