AUDIO | “Show Me” @TwonDonUC @Donato_Beats


When you’re in love, everything is beautiful. Your woman could be not wearing makeup, her hair a mess, and you’ll just sit back and admire her. Your guy could be doing some weird thing like gritting his teeth or sitting a certain way watching football and you’ll admire him. And sometimes you just want your guy/girl to show you how much you mean to them (whether or not this means sex is up to you but most guys will think that). New York’s TwonDon is all about wanting to show his lady he cares for her, and vice versa, on the Donato produced “Show Me”.

Accompanied by a soothing Aaliyah sample from her “Come Over” song, Twon lays it down smoothly for his lady. Twon tries to play slick on the chorus as he claims “don’t be afraid to show me girl/you know all that time you took you owe me girl”. He doesn’t do too much rapping on this single; it’s more of a seductive whisper flow but not like Ying Yang Twins “Wait”. Feeling like you’re about to get lucky with your mate? Have this playing leading up to it and you’ll be in for a great night. Or afternoon. Or quickie.



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