AUDIO | “She Give It Up” @AbsoTheGreat @SmoovaBaby


As I was talking about with Marv Mack’s “Seasoned Cuffing”, it’s that time of year where people are settling down for the winter. Babies may or may not be born nine months from now. While some singles are getting together, there are the ones that are lonely even in a relationship and think they need someone to occupy their time. We go into the world of cheating and infidelity with Ab$o The Great’s latest release, “She Give It Up” featuring Ms. Haze.

Production is provided by Smoova and it sounds just like his name. The drums will have you nodding your head along while Ab$o talks about creeping with a lady who’s not off the market. While this girl may or may not have a man who’s doing the same to her, she feels no remorse and Ab$o doesn’t mind filling the void even though he knows it’s only temporary. Haze provides a reverse look at the events that unfold on this track with her verse at the end. This one is just to hold fans over until Ab$o drops his $o $incere project which is coming soon.



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