VIDEO | “The Emancipation” @AdamReverie @BeyondDreams412


Certain songs you hear will make you cry. Don’t be afraid to admit it because music is supposed to evoke an emotion from you when you hear it. One song I’ll admit to shedding tears to is Ab-Soul’s “The Book of Soul”. All of his pain could be felt through that song and he did a fantastic job of putting you in his shoes. The first time I listened to Adam Reverie’s “The Emancipation” I got that same feeling I did with “The Book of Soul” minus the tears. This record from Reverie, the final cut on his Soul Ties EP, is powerful and speaks volumes about the man he has become.

“The Emancipation” video is directed by frequent collaborator David Newbury and we see a side of Westside Rev that we haven’t seen before; he’s vulnerable. This whole record shows his vulnerability as he talks about his father being sentenced to life in prison, making up for it by sleeping with women before realize that this wasn’t the answer. Reverie mentions it at the end of the song as well, stating that he’s saving himself for the future one because he doesn’t want to be used up before meeting her. This whole EP is amazing and if you need to do some soul searching I highly recommend it. You can stream it in full here or purchase it on iTunes.


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