AUDIO | “Bounce” x “Senseless” @SeeShreve @LongLiveLive

When you switch your style it can be shocking to some of your fans. Artists tend to give fans a dose of what they want afterwards to make up for it if they don’t like the project. This is why a lot of mainstream artists release a mixtape not long after the album. No worries when it comes to C. Shreve’s  music; even though he switched up some of the production he rhymes on with his Twenty Sixteens album this year, he never faltered with the lyrical content. Today him and Mike L!ve are back with two new records to showcase the different styles of Free The Optimus.

We start with “Bounce”, a record that is filled with high energy and a beat that will bang in your headphones. L!ve and Shreve give us great puns to fill in the lines of the reverb and bass. If that’s not your cup of tea then you can hit play on “Senseless”. This one is more in the boom-bap lane with L!ve and Shreve elaborating on their time in the rap game. These tracks are both solid and a preview of what to expect on the upcoming December release of FTO’s FTOLive album.


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