Acapella Tells Us To “Cherish Tha Days” On This JHMF Premiere


Songs don’t have to span a long time to have an impact. There of course are songs spanning over six minutes that are incredible but then you have tracks under three minutes that are great as well. TDE’s Isaiah Rashad is really good at this and on an indie level C. Shreve did this well with his Twenty Sixteens project this year. For his weekly release this time, Acapella gives us 64 seconds of heat before it abruptly ends on “Cherish Tha Days”.

Taking some inspiration from the highly talented Sade, Acapella keeps this one short and to the point. He tells us about what it’s like in Detroit and why it’s important to cherish the days. Negativity is around us at every corner and Acapella reminds us it’s important to find happiness in anyway possible, evening mentioning that he plays Soul Ties from Adam Reverie. No matter how down you are about life or the tough time you’re facing it’s important to find even a sliver of hope or happiness to keep you going. Sometimes you have to cherish the day in order to gain that. Sellin’ My Soul drops on Halloween.


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