Support Your Friends Friday 10/21

When I started this last week I had no idea that it would receive the support that it has. First off I have to thank everyone who shared and believed in the post because it really started on a whim with me tweeting about supporting your friends. Secondly, I’m excited to see you win with your music and your brand. I believe that you can pay your bills and make money off of the music industry in other forms than just music. Here’s the latest edition of this weekly series with some product I think you’re going to want to have for yourself with the money leftover from paying bills this week.

Long Live Art by AxJ


AxJ has been posted here quite a few times because of his quality of music. When I saw these T’s on his Instagram the other day I knew I had to have one and will definitely be making a purchase soon. He also has hats and a signed copy of his most recent project, The Light Bulb Moment, available for purchase all at reasonable prices (nothing more than $25).


Urban Creek Media by R.E.A.L. Tha Poet


R.E.A.L. is another artist that has been posted on the site due to his quality of music. He stayed quiet for a little while and revamped not only his sound but his brand with producer J-Ideas. Available on the shop portion of their website, you can purchase a lyric book from the Learn On The Fly project, this necklace above, an Urban Creek t-shirt, or you can bundle them all together for $50.


Can’t Buy Respect by Chase N. Cashe


Chase N. Cashe has been putting his grind down for quite some time. I remember seeing a video of him & Hit-Boy going over the production process for Lil’ Wayne’s and Eminem’s “Drop The World” when I was in college. The New Orleans artist opted for the indie route and has merchandise for purchase at his website but he’s focusing on a new line called “Can’t Buy Respect”. The link above is to his email so you can order directly from him (you get a discount if you subscribe to his newsletter too). He’s also releasing a new project titled We Never Close that drops next Friday and you can pre-order that on iTunes right now.  In New Orleans on the 30th? RSVP for his “Under The Bridge: Pop Up Show” here.


Baegod & DAB Clothing


I love the music that Baegod and her producer Sbvce make. It’s futuristic R&B and it’s a shame that it hasn’t blown up yet for them. Many have copied the sound without giving credit but they’re still eating off of this dope merchandise. They’re in the process of working on new clothing but there’s a solid selection available. I love the “I Love God & Trap Music” shirts but there are other shirts, sweatshirts, and bags you can purchase along with her last two projects. Nothing is more than $50 so you won’t break your bank.


GoldMind’s International


Disclaimer: That’s not Breeze Mantana in the picture but the hat is promo for his upcoming album. The Mount Vernon, NY artist is gearing up for the release of his American Greed: The Sweetest Revenge album soon and has these hats available for purchase on the GoldMind’s website. These are available in black, red, hot pink (seen above), and purple. There is a a coach jacket from GoldMind for $65 for purchase on the website too so if you’re feeling stylish or wanting to keep warm this fall you can sport one of those.




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