VIDEO | “Grim Reaper” @RyanCaraveo


Fall nights are my absolute favorite time of year. The best thing is hopping in the car and going on a drive to clear your head or walking around your neighborhood. Sometimes when things aren’t going your way it’s important to go and do that to clear your head. We’re all going to go through moments where we feel alienated by friends and family, just like Seattle’s Ryan Caraveo shows us with his “Grim Reaper” single.

The single is bouncy and upbeat but Caraveo is melancholy throughout the single. He speaks on coming a long way in life, being one of the few to graduate with a degree and also becoming used to being alone. What Caraveo doesn’t notice is that something is keeping a close eye on him at every turn. In the end the “grim reaper” that’s following him around is him, possibly saying that you are your own worst enemy. At times I think that can be true. Regardless this song and video are very good and you can catch it below.



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