Acapella Bares It All On His “Sellin’ My Soul” EP


When an artist goes quiet that can be a great thing. Before he decided to drop his EP, Acapella was dropping singles at a weekly rate on the site. I of course appreciate the traffic and getting to have an exclusive to work for a few days. A couple weeks before this release he decided to go ghost from social media for the most part. Then he appears on Halloween with this five track EP titled Sellin’ My Soul along with a brand new website.

If you stream it via his site then you get to see track names. If you stream here via Soundcloud it’s a full 15 minute mix of the project that plays straight through. In these short 15 minutes you’ll get to hear some great music and get to know who Acapella is as a person and hip-hop artist. He produced and engineered the entire project as well. The intro should tell you everything you need to know about him and if you were wondering about his move from Detroit to Los Angeles, that song explains all of it. It’s one of his most personal projects to date so if you enjoy music you can relate to then you’ll enjoy Sellin’ My Soul.


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