Gino Gets An Alley-Oop From YE Ali on “Work For It”

To quote a famed hip-hop artist that many consider one of the greatest to ever do it, “I don’t want it if it’s that easy”. Hip-hop has this reputation of rappers wanting girls who give it up at the drop of a dime. While there’s nothing wrong with a woman or man exploring their sexuality as much as they want there are times where the chase can be even more exhilarating than the actual orgasm.

Gino gives us his latest single and his new sound is coming together nicely. He works with YE Ali on this one as the two join forces to give us a rap/sung collaboration about girls who play hard to get. “Work For It” is produced by wxve and sounds like a late night drive through Los Angeles to a party in the hills. It’s sultry yet captivating enough to draw you in and make you sing along with Ali and Gino. This one is for all of the women who know their worth and aren’t into sex on the first or second date.

Stream “Work For It” below and add it to your weekend playlist.


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